Miami Valley Huskers
2012 Watch Parties at Champps
Week 1 - Southern Miss

Thanks for the 58 Husker fans for showing up at Champps yesterday to see a decent showing for the Huskers!
Winners of the different events included Kathy Barker and Dale Bamesberger for pick a square, Shari Romsdahl for
the "where is it" contest, Kevin Benda and Anya Penner for the paper field goal contest and Alora Penner for the
closest score prediction! As for the game, Taylor and the offense looked real sharp. Special teams and defense
needs work and let's hope the injuries to Rex and Timmy Marlowe heal quickly. We also celebrated the 75th birthday
of Dr. Jim Uphoff. Congratulations! In addition, 6 week old Jacob Pletsch watched his first Miami Valley Husker watch
party, although i believe he slept through most of it. If you DVR'ed the game pay special attention to the south end
zone and you will notice the Miami Valley Husker banner! Next week is the UCLA game and watch party! GO BIG RED

Week 2 - @UCLA

Thanks for the 38 folks who attended Champps on Saturday to watch the UCLA game.! For those that went please
realize the reason we could not see most of the second half was a nationwide Direct TV satellite feed problem with
Fox. The coverage was restored with about 6:00 left in the game. Special shout-out goes to Steve Parr as he
provided updates every 5 minutes via phone to the handful that stayed at Champps. As for the contests, since no
one selected UCLA to win there was not a pick a score winner this week. The first half winner of the pick a square
contest was Michelle Mostaed and the end of game winner was Liad Palmer. The paper field goal contest winner was
Kevin Benda , although he re-donated the prize back to the club. The unique and creative "electronic Women's Arm
wrestling contest was won by Maria Mostaed! Don't lose faith in our Huskers as still a lot of the season left and the
Big Ten is still very winnable. Hard to find positives in the game but the defense did hold them to 9 points in the 2nd
half and despite giving up 650 yards and despite another poor special teams effort, they still had a legitimate chance
to win the game. Game is a noon start this week so come to Champps and show that we are not fair weather fans
and we support our team in good times and bad! See you at Chammps on Saturday!

Week 3 - Arkansas State

Thanks for the 31 fans showing up at Champps for the Ark State game. Will post pictures shortly! Congrats to Vicky
Bamesberger for the 1st half pick a square contest and to Jeff Porter for 2nd half contest. Closest score winner was
Frank Ciaravolo and the winner of the "where is it" contest was Dr. Uphoff. The halftime paper field goal contest went
to Devin Larsen who upset two time defending champ Kevin Benda! Thankfully Bo looks like he will be alright but he
certainly gave us a scare with his health. Huskers played fairly well...good to see a little speed and tackling on
defense. And as my daughter stated..."sexy rexy" is back this week so we got that to look forward to. Come to
Champps for the 3:30 pm watch party against Idaho State saturday!

Week 4 - Idaho State

Great showing tonight at Champps for the Idaho State game in which the Huskers easily prevailed 73-7. 45 fans
showed up and the winners of the contests include Lynda Hackett and Zach Bare for the pick a square contests with
Lynda winning a $25 gift certificate at Champps and Zach winning a $50 certificate. New member Jeff Sarringan had
a perfect score in the paper field goal contest winning a Husker T shirt. Dustin Jurena won the "where is it" contest
and Mike Himmelberg had the closest score pick as he guessed Nebraska would win 60-14 nudging out Sabrina
Olsen who was very confident in the Big Red and guessed 90-0. Although several us will be in Lincoln next week let's
really show up in force at Champps for next weeks' 8:00pm Big Ten opener against Wisconsin! GBR!

Week 5 - Wisconsin

The week we have been waiting for is finally here where our Huskers get to take on the Ohio State Buckeyes. Great
comeback against Wisconsin and it was good seeing several Miami Valley Husker fan club members in Lincoln to see
those new uniforms and a big win! Will post some pictures from the tunnel walk before the game shortly! Thanks to
Dale Bamesberger and Kevin Benda for facilitating the watch party on Saturday. The winners of the contests include:
· Julie Lehman won the half time $25 Champps certificate
· Michelle Mostaed won the end of game $50 Champps certificate.
· Jim Uphoff was closest to guessing the score within like 4 points.
· Paper football competition was won by Samuel Hubner. He received a T-shirt for that accomplishment
· Vicky Bamesberger's name was drawn for the "where's it at” contest guessing the state capital in Lincoln (picked a
NU laynard).
· Bruce Pletsch won the men's arm wrestling competition
· Julie Lehman and Bruce Pletsch won the inaugural scavenger hunt contest

Lots of activities going on this week for the Buckeye Game. The local ESPN radio affiliate will be at Champps around
5:30 -6:00 doing a radio show before and during the game live from the watch party so let’s show the area how much
we support our Huskers! Arrive early and often! Fan of the week award will return so make sure you dress up in your
best Nebraska game day attire! Don’t be shy! In addition there are activities in Columbus put on by the Central
Ohioans for Nebraska group on Friday. Sounds like a blast!

See note below from their Facebook Page!

COME OUT to “tailgate” with the Huskers from near and far on Friday night at Gresso’s Restaurant & Bar. This is the
official “Husker Welcome to Ohio” party – please plan to attend and invite friends and family who are coming out for
the game.

We’ll be partying on the patio at Gresso’s on South High in a fun and casual atmosphere. Historic game footage on
the big screen will reinvigorate Husker pride from the 90’s and beyond. Drink and food specials will be accompanied
by prize raffles, a sprinkling of Columbus flavors for our out of town guests, and potential special guests from

Plans include prizes, classic Columbus foods for our out of town visitors, past game footage and potential special
guests from Nebraska! Woody Johnson, morning host of WCOL country radio and Nebraska native will be helping us
host the event.

For any visitors staying at the Sheraton, we will be partnering with the hotel to offer a free shuttle to transport folks to
the party! Please spread the word.

Suggested donation: $10/person to support the chapter

Week 6 - @Ohio State

Sorry it has taken so long to write this as I am still recovering from watching the Ohio State game in the Horsehoe,
but I am over it now and look forward to the game Saturday against Northwestern. Actually I was very surprised on
how well Ohio State fans treated the Husker fans in attendance. Having lived in Ohio for 35 years and went to high
school in Columbus I was expecting a rude treatment by the buckeye fans! They were very hospitable and even
invited us to tailgate with them! Thanks to Dan Larsen for running the watch party with 55 people in attendance at
Champps and celebrating his birthday with us as well!

Prize Winners:
· George Bare – Half time score $25 Champps certificate
· Initials “MFP” – final score $50 Champps certificate. If your initials are MFP you can pick up your award at the next
watch party.
· Marty Burger – closet to guessing final score $20 Champps certificate.
· Elliot Salmon – winner of half time paper football contest
· Tom Kohls – winner of “where’s it at” contest.
· Anya Penner – winner of kids arm wrestling contest

New Event:
· Kevin Benda – brought a jar of corn; 25 cents per guess; half the pot goes the winner and half to the MVH; winner
announced on November 23

NEW ITEM: Brooke Heck, NAA Director advised us they have a few Michigan State tickets available……this is her
comments: I want to let you know the NAA has a few Michigan State tickets left, if you know of any chapter members
that would like to go to the game on Nov. 3 in East Lansing.

Because of slow ticket sales for the artwork raffles, we have decided to use these items for the silent auction instead
of doing the raffles. We will obviously refund the $10 for the couple of folks who purchased the raffle tickets.

Please join us at Champps in Centerville for the 3:30 pm game against Northwestern! Keep the faith and keep
rooting on your Huskers and show the nation we are truly the best fans in the land!


Week 7 - BYE
Week 8 - @Northwestern

Wow, another nail-biter on Saturday and despite self-inflicted mistakes by the Huskers somehow the Big Red
prevailed! Thanks for the 45 lively fans who showed up on Saturday at Champps in Centerville. We were loud and
energetic especially in the 4th quarter! Winners of the contests were:

Michelle Moestadt – 1st half pick a square
Nick Parr – 2nd half pick a square
Mary Parr – closest score prediction (guessed 31-28)
Paper field goal – Jeff Saaringan
Where is it – Deb McGraw

Although we did not have the two AKP Crossfit Hand stand push-ups athletes (Anya & Kerry Penner) in attendance a
few of us attempted to do regular pushups to celebrate each Husker point! Not nearly as athletic but tried to get
some fitness in to help soothe the nerves of watching the 'skers.

Please join us at Champps on Saturday for the 8:00 pm game against Michigan! It will be one of the key games that
will go a long way to going to Indy! See you Saturday!
Week 9 - Michigan

Husker Fans,
Great showing at Champps in Centerville Saturday for the Michigan victory! We had over 70 Husker fans show up for
the game and the enthusiasm was fantastic. Only disappointment was the relatively weak attempts at doing the wave.
Below are the winners of the contests

·         1st half pick a square – John Murphy II
·         2nd half pick a square – Steve Bell
·         Rock ‘em sock ‘em robot winner. Kevin Ryan. 2nd place was Kevin’s wife, Amy. ( see picture)
·         Fan of the game : Samuel Huebner for leading all the cheers in his made up Nebraska cheerleader costume
(see picture)
·         Closest Score prediction: Dan and Sally Gray

The game and watch party this week is at 3:30pm at Champps against Michigan State! Please join us. Also, I believe
several from the group are planning on driving to East Lansing on Saturday. I am pretty sure tickets are available at
face value or below. Although no organized activity is planned , if you are going and wish to tailgate and/ or see if
tickets are available please go to the
Miami Valley Huskers Facebook site and post information. If you would like me
to post information on your behalf send me an
Email and I can do so.

Also, we have run out of Miami Valley Husker shirts for sale @ $15 each , however if there is enough demand please
let me know and we can order a new batch. We have a minimum order size of 12 so must have enough interest to
place another other. Also we have the ability to get a long sleeve version, slightly more expensive @ $25 so let us
know if there is interest for these as well.       
We handed out a list of available items that we will have to bid at the upcoming silent auction to be held at Champps
at the November 10 at 3:30 at the Penn State game. We do accept checks so bring your checkbooks as they are a
lot of fantastic Husker items up for bid!

Go Big Red!
Week 10 - @Michigan State

Husker Fans!
Can’t say the 2012 version of the Huskers are boring to watch. The 3rd near miracle comeback in the 4th quarter
this year already! It was something to be there in Sparty land and definitely the most emotionally draining
rollercoaster game I have ever witnessed in person. I was at the infamous Texas Tech game in Lincoln when all
Lekevin Smith had to do was fall down after the interception but fumbled and TTU ended up winning the game in the
last seconds of that game so this one was much better ending! Thanks to Dan and Kevin for facilitating the watch
party for the 35 fans who were at Champps on Saturday.

Winners of the contests:
· Ron Johnson had the closest score prediction.
· Ron Johnson won the 1st half pick a square
· The Initials “RHP” won the second half pick a square. Think it was Ruth Prentiss but not sure. Will have the prize for
RHP at the Penn State watch party.
· Lucas Pinheiro (from Brazil) won the Paper Football Field Goal contest

This week’s watch party is at 3:30 at Champps! May want to arrive early as we will be having a silent auction and we
have over 32 fantastic items, many of them signed by famous Huskers. Please bring cash or your checkbook if you
wish to bid on any of the items. Please join us!


Ron Barker