Miami Valley Huskers
About Us
The Miami Valley Huskers is a group that unites fans, friends and alumni of the
University of Nebraska.  We support all things related to Nebraska and the
The Miami Valley Huskers has been in existence since 2003 and there have been
many key individuals who have helped build the Miami Valley Huskers to what it is
Previous Husker Following in Dayton
Prior to the Miami Valley Huskers, there was an official Dayton/Cincinnati Alumni
group that had great leaders like Max Peterson, Dennis Kelly and Rick Ellsberry.  
Unfortunately, that group dissolved.
The Miami Valley Huskers was built with the support and encouragement from
people like Max Peterson, along with experiences from other Husker alumni groups
(Washington Cornhuskers and Oregonians for Nebraska).
The Beginning and Where We Are Today
Prior to 2003, Dayton/Cincinnati group used to meet at the Fox & Hound English Pub and Grille in Centerville.
 Unfortunately, with the group dissolving, there weren't too many Husker fans still gathering there.  
Starting over in 2003 at the Fox & Hound English Pub, the Miami Valley Husker had humble beginnings
starting out with 4 members.  But, through word of mouth, and now our website, we have blossomed to over
100 members!!!
Excitement and enthusiasm from our members help keep this group active and a lot of fun!  Some of our
current activities include:

  • Predict-the-score contests
  • Group trips to Husker games
  • Member of the Year trophy
  • Golf outings with former Husker players
  • Member appreciation picnics
  • Husker Happy Hours
  • Alumni event at the ATP Tennis tournament
  • Supporting the UNO hockey team when they play Miami (Ohio)
The success of this group is the result of the help and support of some people who are truly appreciated.  
Having the support of Max Peterson, Dennis Kelly and Rick Ellsberry is very much appreciated.  Their ties to
the previous alumni group and Nebraska’s alumni department has been something that adds a lot of value to
our group.
The help from people like Shawn Munn, Ron Barker, Dan Larsen and Aaron Westerfield is also greatly
appreciated.  Their help has allowed this group to really grow to what it is today…a successful, fun group that
has a family-feel to it.
Other than these individuals, our members are the heart and soul of this group. We love having all of you
attend our events and help show the Southwest Ohio area how great Husker fans really are.
It’s a great time to be Husker fan and it’s a great time to be a member of the Miami Valley Huskers!
Miami Valley Huskers